PCR Test Instructions

Kit Contents

1. Return Box

2. Tube/Swab Pack

3. URN Stickers x 4

4. Security Seal

5. Absorbant Pad

5. Sample Bag

i) Wash hands thoroughly, using soap or hand sanitiser

ii) Remove the swab, ensuring not to touch the tip with your hands

iii) Open mouth and gently rub tip of swab over tonsils and back of the throat. Avoid touching tongue/teeth/gums

iv) Insert swab in nostril until resistance or approx 2.5cm. Gently rotate 5 times. Repeat in other nostril

v) Break the back end off the swab. While holding swab, open Collection Tube, place the swab in, tip first and secure the lid

vi) Attach the first URN Number Sticker *lengthways* onto the tube

vii) Wash hands thoroughly, using soap or hand sanitiser

After taking the sample, and before sending it to the laboratory, the various required details need to be registered and assigned to the sample. Click below and enter the required information

i) Place Collection Tube in Sample Bag along with the Absorbent Pad

ii) Seal Sample Bag and apply the second URN Sticker to the bag

iii) Construct the Box as per diagrams below






iv) Place Sample Bag inside the Box and seal Box with Security Seal

v) Apply the third URN sticker to the outside of the Box

vi) Retain final URN Sticker on the bottom of the Test Instruction Sheet as a record 

Please ensure that completed tests are POSTED as soon as practicable

Our pre-paid boxes should be posted to a Royal Mail Priority Postbox. Press ‘Find Postbox’ button to find out where your nearest locations are, as well as collection times. They tend to have early collections.

Results Notification

Once received at the laboratory, you should expect to receive results via Email within 24hrs. If you have not received results as expected, please check spam/junk folder before contacting customer services.

You will receive one of three results:




(If unclear, a new test kit will be automatically sent to your address)