LFT Test Instructions

Kit Contents

1. Test Box

2. Cassette Pack

3. Swab Pack

4. Buffer Tube

5. Dropper Tip

6. Waste Bag

7. URN Sticker

8. Instructions

i) Wash hands thoroughly, using soap or hand sanitiser, then dry them

ii) Open the Cassette Pack and remove the cassette

iii) Remove foil top from buffer tube. Without spilling, insert tube into perforated hole on top of Test Box

iv) Open swab pack at stick end. Do NOT touch the swab tip with your hands

v) Insert entire tip into nostril, no more than 2.5cm. Rotate 5 times, repeat in other nostril

vii) Insert swab into buffer tube, tip first, and swirl swab for 30 SECONDS

viii) Squeeze the tube against the swab tip and rotate swab five times. Then remove swab while still squeezing

ix) Attach dropper tip firmly to buffer tube. Mix throughly by swirling/flicking tube

x) Gently squeeze tube and dispense 4 drops into Specimen Well (marked ‘S’)

xi) Set timer for 15 MINUTES then read the result. Do not read a result after 30 MINUTES

We send up to 4 LFT kits in one package. The enclosed instructions can be used to photograph 1-4 results. Place the URN (barcode) sticker and the cassette as per the picture below.

Photograph and upload one result at a time. 1. Affix URN Sticker in the spot for each test. 2. Place Cassette within the outline. 3. Hold smart phone sideways. 4. Ensure the top and bottom dotted lines are at the very edge of the frame. 5. Check for good focus. 6. Take picture

The picture should look as the following:

Only clearly visible test results will be accepted.

After taking the photograph, it needs to be uploaded along with the relevant data for your test. That is done via the button below. 

Results are confirmed by humans regularly. The minimum frequency is each day at 10:00 and 17:30 London time. Unless an emergency requirement, do not chase results until the next 10:00 or 17:30 has passed

Gather all test items and seal inside provided waste bag. Retain the enclosed instructions with the URN numbers attached until you have received, and are satisfied with, your result certificates