Clinic Tests Key Information

User Journey

Read through the process below to understand how it works and what you need to do


Ensure you are selecting the correct test/s. Our Arrival Tests and Departure Tests pages link to the latest national/international requirements. It is the responsibility of customers to ensure they are in compliance with testing rules by selecting the correct test/s

Add to

Once you know what test/s you require, select them individually or as a package, and the date and time you wish to attend, and add them to your cart. All our tests are found here


If ordering a Day 2 Test, you will need to provide your arrival date and vaccination status. You may order multiple tests but all Day 2 tests in a single purchase must be for the same journey (arrival date, country status)


Crown Labs accept a wide variety of payment methods. Once payment has been made for Day 2 tests, you will be sent your Booking Reference Number for your Passenger Locator Form (ABCDE1234567). To mitigate fraudulent purchases, refunds are entirely at the discretion of Crown Labs

your data

Before attending your appointment, please register your data. That can be achieved through the link on this page


Attend your appointment at the chosen time. Our clinic is at 11 Greek Street, W1D 4DJ. 


PCR samples are processed the same day. LFTs, immediately. Results are sent via email with PDF certificate. Your result will be Negative, Positive, or Unclear. In the rare event of an Unclear result a new test will be arranged. If you’ve not received a result, please check your spam folder before contacting customer services

Ordering Multiple Kits

Crown allows multiple tests to be purchased in one order. 

NOTE: When ordering multiple Day 2 tests, they must all be for the same Arrival Date and Country Status (Green, Amber, Red). So a family returning to the UK on the same flight together can order all their Day 2 tests in a single purchase. If people are arriving on different dates or/and from different countries, the Day 2 tests must be ordered in separate purchases.

Required Data

Data Point

Fit to Fly

Day 2

First Name



Date of Birth

NHS No. (if known)


Current Address

Telephone Number


Date of Arrival in UK

Test Booking Reference

Vaccination Status

Isolation Address

Date of Arrival in UK

Coach/Flight/Train No.

Date Left for UK

Country Departed From